An Uplifting Monday Morning Madness


Because of all the drama that is going on lately, I keep this very short but sweet. We all can need a little inspiration I guess, so I thought I´ll share my favorite links with you.

Enjoy and make this week a great one:

10 words to live by. This is beyond great!

Instructions for life. Food for thought.

• You don´t have to have a plan. The one piece of advice you wish you´d been given.

• And while we´re at it: Solo Dinner Dates, anyone?!

• Craving adventure: Oh the places we will go!

• So true.

This made me laugh hard.

Anchor bracelet. Just because.

Mushrooms. ´Nuff said.

An Untethered Soul. Thanks Shan, just downloaded this to my Kindle :)

Life is good!

(Image via Graceful for Once)


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