I am Martina Menzini, an Austrian born and bred wildflower based in Vienna. A self-confessed coffee lover, forever wanderer and rebel at heart who’s redefining so-called rules and traditions one day at a time. Being a true Gemini girl in my thirties, I live to explore and improve my life and share my experiences with others.

Blogging about my adventures, sisterhood, mental health, relationships, my skincare obsession, living in the city as a mountain-lover and ENFJ, as well as modern feminism has propelled me into bilingual freelance writing. I blame my Cancer moon for my neverending curiosity and my deeply rooted love for books.

Becoming obsessed with my own birth chart, I now also offer birth chart readings and compatibility readings for couples if you are so inclined.

In 2021, I finally started my very own dating column PIECES. Partly autobiographical, but 100% real and raw.

If you don’t tell people who you are,
they’ll do it for you. – Brooke Solis

What was once an online diary to share rigid workouts and fad diets, has now grown into a place of kindness, inclusivity, positivity, love, and self-care. An advice nook filled with candid talks to inspire women everywhere to live their lives exactly as they want to. On TMF we are LGTBQ+ inclusive, feminists and BLM allies. We continuously learn and grow and do not accept hate of any kind.

The Menzini Files is a hub for like-minded people for all things fierce, empowering, self-care-focused, and unapologetically honest. Sharing my passion, my mission is to give you the information and inspiration to live your life bluntly to the beat of your own drum. There’s no TMI on TMF.