A Sentence a Day – What is yours?


A Sentence A Day - What´s yours? | Spunkyrella.com

A little over a year ago, I got myself this three-year-diary from kikki.K called A Sentence A Day journal. I also snagged a second one and hosted a giveaway here on the blog, if you remember.


I would find it hard to sum up my day in one sentence to be honest, so I was relieved when I realized that the journal greets me with a special question each day. It´s so much fun to answer a question about my currently favorite song or my spirit animal or guilty pleasure that day. The second year in, it´s a blast to read my answers from last year, like a little time-machine that brings me right back. I wonder how much my answers will change, once the three-year-diary is completed!


The only thing nosy me is constantly wondering about is, how someone else would answer a specific question? What would their sentence that day look like?


So, I thought, why not turn the tables for once and ask you lovelies the questions of the last few days. You in?


#1  Write down a lesson you learnt this week.

#2  The best part of waking up is…

#3  Who is the biggest influence in your life right now?

#4  My guilty pleasure is…

#5  What made you laugh today?


A Sentence A Day - What´s your´s? I Spunkyrella.com


Now you! Spill the beans in the comments – I will too!




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  1. Wow, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up writing a sentence every day for 3 years.
    But here are my answers to your questions:
    #1 Always losing is not fun, not even when playing board games.

    #2 Looking into my cats face :-D.

    #3 My best male friend.

    #4 Peanut butter ice cream.

    #5 A video with kittens climbing a woman.

    1. It´s actually not that hard and it´s only a sentence or a word. I couldn´t commit to writing a dairy, but then again I am blogging – so there´s that :)
      I love your answers and peanut butter ice cream is high on my guilty pleasures list, too.

  2. Das is toll :) Ich hab auch so ein Buch, allerdings sogar für 5 Jahre :) Bin jetzt im 2. Jahr und es ist wirklich lustig und spannend, jeden Tag die Fragen zu beantworten!

    lg Caro

  3. Now, it´s my turn:

    #1 You can´t make others see your point of view if they don´t want to.
    #2 …to know that there´s coffee soon
    #3 My fellow #29DaysOfBlogging – ladies. I love how determined and motivated we all are, that´s a great influence to have right now!
    #4 Salted caramel dark chocolate
    #5 A silly joke from my coworker Ros… she just gets me, early morning at the office

  4. Oh what a lovely idea and a lovely planner! Here are my answers:
    #1 I learned very much about project management (I’m in a workshop right now) and as a life lesson I learned that I still follow the group even if I don’t want to, and: I am not afraid of heights and I’m not as bad in climbing as I thought I would be. I learned a LOT this week, wow!
    #2 The best part of waking up is… kissing my bf and seeing my cats.
    #3 My biggest influence right now would be Kayla Itsines – sounds silly but her sports guide and view of life is really inspiring.
    #4 My guilty pleasure is… potato chips… a LOT!
    #5 A GIF send by my bf… he’s the best in finding the most fitting GIF for every situation.

    1. Wow, seems to be YOUR week, girl!! Good for you! Yes, learning to say NO is not as easy as it sounds, I can relate so much to that!
      Aw, lovely.
      Not silly at all. Mine would be Tracy Anderson. I am so stoked to get back in the groove ;) I´d love to hear more about your Kayla workouts!
      Haha, I had a phase where I couldn´t get enough of vinegar salt chips. The best!
      That´s an awesome quality in a BF to have ;)

  5. I love these “one sentence a day” books. The only poblem i have, is that i can not include it in my routine. i really tried, but forget to write my sentence so often, that it loses all its meaning.

    but since you posted some questions, i’ll take my chance :D

    #1 Write down a lesson you learnt this week.
    a real friend supports you, even in bad times.

    #2 The best part of waking up is…
    sunshine outside the window.

    #3 Who is the biggest influence in your life right now?
    my mom.

    #4 My guilty pleasure is…
    pizza… i cant get enough of it. i love it so much. its just too goooooood!

    #5 What made you laugh today?
    me and my friend were talking about how funny it would be, if there are thousands of mini-me’s, which made me laugh really hard :D

    1. Thanks, Hien!
      Well, I sometimes do too and then I have two days to fill out. But it´s always on my nightstand, so I tend to do it before I get my reading on and fall asleep like 4 pages in already :)
      Love your sentences! And the mini-me´s somehow reminded me of lots of Minions and I would totally be down for that!

  6. Love this!!
    #1 That good things do come from pushing yourself to do something that scares you.
    #2 Seeing the light of a new day
    #3 Me! I’m pushing myself to write write write
    #4 Watching British miniseries on Amazon Prime (Grantchester and Poldark!)
    #5 Listening to the audiobook of Me Before You in my car

  7. This is awesome. My answers are: 1. that sometimes the best is to just breath and let things happen, 2. coffee, 3. I have a few, 4. all things sweet and full of chocolate, butter and suagr, 5. Balazs – he is hilarious:)
    Kisses, lovely