A Laid-Back Winter Weekend


A Cozy Winter Weekend I Spunkyrella.com

It´s funny what a solid eight hours of sleep with a pasta-filled belly can do to your mood. I felt much better this morning, went for a little walk before work and treated myself to coffee – what else?! :)


I think the cruel working hours in January and the more than full plate with plans and to-do´s in February just finally caught up on me. This, and the weather forecast for this weekend (hint: winter is planning a comeback!), make me want to cuddle up at home and just have a cozy laid-back winter weekend at home. You, in?


Starting off, I want to treat myself to a bouquet of fresh colorful flowers tomorrow morning on my grocery run. I realized it´s been a while since I´ve done that. Fresh blooms are just an instant mood lifter for me, especially in bold colors like shown above. So that´s set!


Triple Threat Brownies sound more intriguing than harmful to me, right?! I guess it depends how you see it (hello, waistline!), but there´s a good chance, I will find out tomorrow and have a little baking session at home.


Other than that, I plan on having all the coffee, going down the internet rabbit hole to catch up on my favorite blogs and vlogs and putting together the blog post about my India travels, that I plan on doing forever. Seems like this weekend it´s going to happen and I also can´t think of a better end to the #29DaysOfBlogging challenge. It´s bittersweet, really… Have a great weekend!



What are you up to?



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  1. Oh god those brownies look so good, but I’m trying to be good right now! I’ve been going to the gym three times a week with my best friend, which makes being at the gym much more tolerable! I hope you have a cozy weekend in!

    1. I am usually “good” all week, so on weekends I like to indulge a bit :) But I can relate, I am looking for a nice gym myself.

  2. I´ll have friends at our house this evening. We will have italian food und a lot of wine I guess.. :)

    1. That´s lovely! I was lured out of my robe for an impromptu brunch date and a little city walk. I am so happy, I obliged :)