A Cozy Fall Weekend To Enjoy



And just like that, Fall is all upon us here in Vienna. Today, it was gloomy and seemed like daylight is not keen to come up entirely, the rain won´t stop pouring down and it´s just one of those Friday´s where I can´t be thankful enough for the weekend ahead.


I love Fall, I really do. I think every season has its perks but Fall is my favorite. I can layer up on warm sweaters and scarfs, drink hot anything, enjoy the crisp air out and about and fire up that kitchen stove much more. It´s just the best.


So this weekend, in order to give Fall season a warm and friendly welcome hug, I plan on bubbling up an Autumn Simmer Pot to enwrap the home in total fall mood – thanks to lavender, bay leaves, rosemary and maybe some tweaked in cinnamon and orange slices.


Speaking of rosemary, I believe a cup or two of my beloved Relaxing Rosemary Green Tea Milk is in order to pamper myself, relax and soak in all the benefits from this glorious brew.


A few delicious (and healthy) bites rounds of Eggplant Pizzas are perfect for the weekend menu and thanks to The Iron Chef easy peasy to whip up, even on lazy Sundays.


And since I plan on making a few changes around the home – wall color and decor-wise – I will browse all the online shops for inspiration and budget-friendly picks. H&M´s fall inspired Bedroom Design Trends make me sigh in anticipation while tucked away in my favorite blanket on the couch. That´s where you´ll find me all weekend, in case you were wondering!



What are your plans for the first weekend of fall?




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  1. Loving so much of the H&M home stuff! I either forgot or had no idea they had housewares – so exciting!!!

    1. I like their basics a lot. Perfect to decorate the flat on a budget or to spruce up a place very inexpensively!

    1. Preach, sister! I haven´t thought of it before but those little eggplant pizzas were so tasty and will soon be on the menu again!