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9 Things The Mindy Project Taught Me | Spunkyrella.com

When Sara and I recently talked about our favorite TV shows, she mentioned The Mindy Project which I never watched up to this point. Man, did she hook me up! If you’re living in the States you might not know that it actually takes up to a year or even longer until a new TV show gets permission for the European, namely German, market and then all the witty dialogues are dubbed over with German people. Meh.

Needless to say that this doesn’t work because American humor can hardly be translated and a lot of pop culture references just vanish in the German version. That’s why a lot of shows just fail in German. For instance I watched Glee in German and hated it, then I watched one original episode and binge-watched the whole show from the beginning.


That being said, let’s start this new blog feature with my current favorite, my holy grail of me-time in front of a screen these days: The Mindy Project. Here’s what watching (and re-watching) the first two seasons taught me so far…


Life is not a fairy tale but it´s okay to pretend

What I love most about Mindy is her being outspoken and obnoxious and the fact that she accepts that life can be hard (especially when it comes to dating), but to always make the best of it. And hey, who said it’s wrong to believe that every one of us girls is basically like Sandra Bullock in real life?!


Celebrity gossip scenarios are great workout motivation

The episode where Danny agrees to train Mindy is epic. He simply gets her and knows how to keep her motivated even though the probability of those scenarios is close to none – “One more push-up to save Anne Hathaway’s life”– as long as it makes her put the work in! Whatever floats your boat and gets the work done, right?


Mix bold Colors, layers and prints as you like

When Mindy enters a room her wardrobe just makes a statement itself. Vibrant colors, bold prints and the fact that she’s not afraid to combine them fiercely. I haven’t seen such great character reflection in clothes since Sex and the City, if ever. Now the only thing I’d fear is what Mindy would bluntly tell me, if she could see me in my rather boring daily uniform. Gulp. If anything, I am now at least brave enough to try my hand in wearing patterned clothes too, even though it’s only striped sweaters for now. Baby steps, you know.


Don´t change yourself for a guy, when your gut tells you otherwise

… and if you do, get up, learn from your mistake and own it. Mindy dated a few Don’ts and sometimes I wished she could hear me screaming at the screen in agony: “Don’t cut off your hair to go to Haiti with Mr.Wrong.” Did she listen? Of course not! She did it anyways, but she owned up to her mistake and moved on like the total badass that she is.


Brace yourselves: women eat!

Dr. Mindy Lahiri has her cake and eats it too. I love that we see a female character chowing down on steak and cake instead of picking through salad after salad. That’s huge for a TV show these days and I am all here for it.


Look Twice At The Office Meanie

Danny Castellano can be a jerk, There, I said it. But he’s also a guy who knows how to move and has his shit together and a social life besides a thriving career. Plus: he can dress himself nicely! He might be unnecessarily mean sometimes but I give him the benefit of the doubt. We all have baggage.

Also the best line so far comes from his sexy mouth (seriously what is it with this mouth?), when Mindy’s busy wearing Spanx and being ashamed of her naked body, he tells her to stop sucking it all in: You are a woman, look like a woman! High five, Dr. Castellano.


Take a chance on someone worthy

When Morgan Tookers basically high-jacks the office, we know from the beginning that this guy has a heart of gold. When everyone else is rejecting him because of his past, it’s Mindy who trusts her gut and decides to give hime a chance to proof himself. Yes, he’s weird and full of flaws, but if worst comes to worst Morgan saves the day. Always.


9 Lessons The Mindy Project Taught Me So Far | Spunkyrella.com

Change is everything

Don’t be afraid to have a detailed five-year-plan that just blows. Change it every now and then, every month if you need to. Life doesn’t follow any rules. Take a deep breath, smile and boldly walk away from it!


Be yourself. You are enough!

Mindy may have a Superhero persona called Beyoncé Pad Thai, but other than that she is who she is and she accepts that. Why is this still something the modern woman is struggling with?! Sheesh.


9 Things The Mindy Project Taught Me | Spunkyrella.com


What has The Mindy Project taught you so far?



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