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Spring is just around the corner and I am feeling all the guilt since I haven’t taken good care of my skin and myself lately. And it shows! Oh how it shows! Of course, I can start by guzzling down lemon water (which I already do), loading up on veggies (the greener, the better) and cutting out sugar (for now). While these are great ways to prep for Spring, the best way to get my skin back to its clean and plump self is getting serious with face masks.

Over the years, I always find myself going back to my oldies but goodies over and over again and they don’t disappoint. So I picked out my favorite 8 masks for glowing skin this Spring in case you need a little nudge.

8 Masks For Glowing Skin This Spring | Spunkyrella.com


For Squeaky Clean Skin

If your face could use a deep detox to get out the winter gunk and prep for that nice Spring glow, Origin’s Clear Improvement clearly is your best bet. It’s activated charcoal does a great job by cleaning your pores like nothing else can. My skin is on the sensitive side, but I never had problems with this one as opposed to other charcoal masks. If you’re hesitant when it comes to charcoal products, read on for 4 Ways To Flirt With Charcoal Right Now and give it a try. Gunk be gone!

Also a Charcoal Cleaning Sponge is a great alternative to use daily to cleanse and gently scrub your face clean. Just saying.


For Super Smooth Skin

One of my latest finds, that might be up your alley as well, is Kiehl’s Turmeric + Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque. It’s quite a mouthful to say out loud but this stuff is not fooling around! It removes dull winter skin very gently and instantly brightens and leaves a rosy glow on your face. The skin feels silky smooth after!

During my Prague trip, I snagged a sample size of Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber Gel Mask. It was quickly gone, but did not disappoint. It contains botanical extracts of cucumber, papaya and chamomile and is excellent to calm and soothe skin, even after a sunburn. I loved using it during the hot and humid summertime and for its cooling benefit that also reduces puffiness. Beauty Tip: Put it in the fridge for that extra boost!


For The At-Home Facial

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask is a new crowd-pleaser when it comes to all-in-one masks. The gel-like texture deeply hydrates, lightly exfoliates and clarifies the skin. It’s an all-natural mask and contains real Blue Tansy oil which gets all the praise right now. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nature can heal the skin from deep within the tissue and is also known for its amazing aromatherapeutic use. I personally haven’t tried this one from the bunch so far, but honestly can’t wait to take it out for a spin or two!

For an instant glow, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Maks is where it’s at! After years, I just got a new jar and I still love it as much as I have before. It’s definitely on the pricier side but a little goes a long way and it’s 100% organic and cruelty-free! I love the smell and how plump my face feels after using this gem. Such a sweet treat for face and mind!


For Extra Hydration

What else could I be talking about right now than my beloved Fresh Rose Mask?! Actually, I was gasping for air this past weekend since I believed for a second I ran out of it, but then remembered a little pot, I still had in the back of my drawer. Since my skin is a bit on the oily side, I never thought about hydrating masks, but I was very wrong. This one has a gooey consistency, smells heavenly and hydrates just the right amount. It instantly calms me down after a long day or when I am in need for a little me time. Needless to say, I always have to have this one on hand all year round!


For Your Delicate Eye-area

I love a good eye mask patch. Years ago, I would once a year splurge on those from YSL and cringed whenever I used them since they were quite pricey. Ever since I discovered Sephora’s Green Tea Eye Mask Patches, I am not looking back! They are the absolute best, very affordable and sometimes I leave them on for hours when I am at home. The fiber patches visibly plump up and hydrate the delicate eye area and just do exactly what they promise! Sephora came up with a bunch of different eye mask patches, but I definitely like the Green Tea ones best!


For Very Dry Skin

Leave it to my girl gang to come up with great tips when I least expect them. The H&M’s Argan Oil + Rosehip Oil Face Mask seems to be all the rage for those with dry skin. It’s formulated for extra dry skin and a little insider favorite. Affordable for every broke student and a great alternative to pricey face oils, I was told.


What’s your favorite face mask for Spring?



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    1. It’s a crowd-pleaser for sure! I have my faves but always love to try new ones, especially when it’s all natural and organic! A great face mask can turn a shitty day into a decent one ;)