5 Feminism Books You Need To Read Right Now


5 Books You Need To Read Right Now | Spunkyrella.com

Even though the last couple of weeks have been crazy over here, I managed to read way more than in the past six months combined. That’s why I wanted to talk books today, especially empowering books for women, feminism books if you will. You in?


In a way it all started with Galentine’s Day. I found this rad book called Bad Girls Throughout History and had to send it to my girl Nina, since it made me think of her so much. Meanwhile I got a copy for myself and it’s such a fun read chock-full of interesting facts and covers every badass woman you could possibly think of: from Marie Antoinette to Maya Angelou, from Josephine Baker to Tina Fey and from Oprah to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, it’s exactly as kick-ass and inspiring as it sounds!


Another book tailored to educate (little) girls is Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Well, I think it’s dedicated to everyone really. I love the intro that says “To the rebel girls of the world: Dream bigger, aim higher, fight harder. And, when in doubt, remember you are right!” How awesome is that?! Again, this book introduces power women throughout history from different fields of expertise, such as mathematician, writer, activist, surfer, tattoo artist, politician, spy (!), queen, gymnast and marine biologist. Basically it’s for all the girls outthere who dream to be more one day than a princess who waits around for a prince to save her!


A book delivery that was highly anticipated by yours truly was Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. I read and heard so many wonderful things about it and couldn’t wait to finally get my hands on it and for a good reason. It’s the first book from Roxane Gay I got to read, but definitely not my last! These 21 short stories of women from all walks of life are powerful and heart-wrenching to read but so so beautifully written, you just know you will read them again!


Men Explain Things To Me consists of seven essays that are basically the antidote to the mansplaining culture. It was a total surprise find since it was a suggested read and what can I say? With a click, it went into the shopping cart and rightfully so. If you’ve ever been mansplained – and if you are a women, you sure have been – this read is for you!


And last but not least, let me throw A Short History of Women into the mix. This novel chronicles five generations of women beginning at 1914 and deals with the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters. Though it’s only around a 270 page read, it is thought-provoking and was admittedly hard for me to get through. In a way, I think this stems from my own complicated family dynamic. Still, it’s an important read for any woman who has ever struggled to find her own voice!




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  1. I love this post! I really want to read A Short History of Women and Bad Girls Throughout History! They sound great! I’ve recently picked up Difficult Women as well :) Fab post!

    Ellie | EllesBellesNotebook

  2. I’ve been wanting to read more books on feminism lately, so this is very timely! I actually just picked up We Should All Be Feminists yesterday at the Strand. It’s a quick but enlightening read! Definitely want to get Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Difficult Women!

  3. I just read “Men explain things to me” and loved it. I’ll have to add the others to my tbr-list. Do you know “Girl Up”? Full of information and humor!