4 Ways To Kick A Virus To The Curb


how to kick a virus to the curb

Sometimes washing hands regularly, taking good care of yourself by guzzling down lemon water and popping a multivitamin more each day, helps you to stay flu-free. And sometimes, it doesn´t.


Today I´d like to share my fool-proof ways that work like a charm when a nasty virus tries to get the best of you. Before we´re heading there, I like to point out that there is a difference between a virus and a bacterial infection:

For the latter only an antibiotic will help to keep strep and its friends from spreading. Your gp should be able to tell the difference and as mine told me – A VIRUS ALWAYS FINDS ITS WAY!

If you ignore it, it might strike you twice as hard, if you think the worst is over and your sinuses are all clear, the virus might attack your belly – hello, stomach flu!


But enough of the nasty (sort of). Here´s what has helped me the last two weeks and even if you´re not sick right now, a little prevention never hurt nobody.




If you only have time to do one thing from this list, make it bone broth. This stuff is magical, just like chicken soup, but with more flavor and ten times its nutrients – more on its HEALTH BENEFITS and a RECIPE that´s easy to whip up. Summed up, bone broth is the bomb and should be on hand during flu season.



There´s nothing more proven to help than natural remedies. It may be a nice herbal steam a few times a day to open up your sinuses or DIY cough drops and a sage mouth rinse. Make sure to have a few staples at home such as herbs and essential oils, so you have them on hand when needed. This tutorial of an AT-HOME EUKALYPTUS STEAM is my favorite. I also make sure to always have sage tea on hand (for my throat), thyme essential oil and also thyme honey (to get rid of a bad cough) and also ECHINACEA TEA to boost the immune system and get back on track.



Do you like to eat spicy? Personally, Indian food is my favorite and I like to experiment with exotic spices and flavors. Especially Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial health benefits. To add the right dose of this gem can be tricky though, as it can easily be too much. My favorite way to drink turmeric is by having TURMERIC TEA and GOLDEN MILK. It´s amazing right before taking a nap and feels like a hug from the inside :)



My grandma always said that sleep is the best medicine and oh, was she right! When flu season arrives and I don´t get enough sleep for whatever reason, I KNOW that it will be only a matter of days until my throat bums me and then the vicious cycle starts… If the virus is already in full swing, sleep is still the best remedy. Your body gets rest and your immune system can work its wonders without any distraction from the outside. Make sure to help your body in every way you can (as mentioned above) and then JUST SLEEP.



Okay, it´s five ways really, but this one is mandatory. Learn from my experience: When I felt something´s creeping up at the beginning of the month, I did everything I could to not get sick (read: I popped a few pills, guzzled down herbal tea and amped up my vitamin intake). What I didn´t do, or told myself couldn´t do, was to rest and relax and step back from the daily have to´s. No one wants to call in sick at work but sometimes there really is no choice. A sick employee helps no one and frankly that´s what our sick days are for. If you happen to be your own boss and have no one to cover for you, even one day or two off work would help and you´d be happier, healthier and more productive afterwards.


And because I should practice what I preach, I am going to heat up some broth right now to stay ahead of my game.


 Would you try any of these? What works for you? Please share!



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  1. Yup, flu season is surely here and I love all your tips:) I’ve been drinking tons of turmeric, honey and lemon tea lately. Kisses and have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you. It´s the honest run down of everything that got me back on track! That virus was not kidding. I still like to include those tips into my winter routine to not get sick again.

  2. Great tips! I’ve never heard of bone broth before! When I get sleep, I just take care of myself. It sounds simple but so many people just go about as if their not and that’s the worst thing to do. I sleep more, I drink more water and tea, and I take warm baths. I also drink a lot of Korean Citron Tea because it’s really delicious and has a ton of Vitamin C!