4 Takes on Minimal Jewelry


4 Takes on Minimal Jewelry | Spunkyrella.com

What´s better than spending a lazy Sunday browsing Etsy and sipping coffee while letting a face mask soak in? Nothing, I guess.


Ever since finding BOUTIQUE MINIMALISTE and wearing their triangle ear studs almost every day, I have a knack for dainty bracelets and necklaces and simple but fun ear studs. I also treated lil sis to a necklace last year and she didn´t complain :)


Speaking of ear studs though, there´s a new kid in town called RABBITS FANTASY WORLD. I know you wouldn´t expect this to be the home of lovely jewelry bits, but that´s exactly what it is. Their GEOMETRIC STUD MIX makes me want to get my ears pierced again, to wear them all at once. Aren´t they something?


When it comes to necklaces though, I haven´t had a favorite in a while and I would prefer a simple one that works with every kind of outfit, day and night. I am currently eyeing the GOLD CIRCLE NECKLACE from BM and might get it for myself, since my birthday is coming closer as well.


I have a thing for skulls, always have, always will. Skull jewelry on the other hand does rarely look minimal and simple, like I´d prefer it. That´s when I came across PETITECO. on Etsy (Thanks you, Sara!) and can´t get their delicate SKULL NECKLACE out of my head ever since. Isn´t it cute? Though I think the SKULL BRACELETS are worth considering too…


Last but not least a real show-stopper: Jewelry made of concrete! Yeah, I know, I couldn´t believe it either when I stumbled upon ORTOGONALE, but it´s true. Concrete earrings and pendants that are a total eye-catcher and one of a kind. I especially dig the SFERA ear studs, to me they look good on everyone and are simple enough to wear daily. Don´t you think?



Now you, what´s your take on minimal jewelry?





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