4 Kick-Ass Career Guides for Creatives


4 Kick-Ass Career Guides For Creatives | Spunkyrella.com

Sunday is my binge-watch day but also the day I tend to read the most. I like to browse the internet for new inspiring reads, don’t you? Since I usually read two or three books simultaneously, at least one of them has to focus on career or creativity. Today, I want to share my favorite 4 Kick-Ass Career Guides and Reads for Creatives that hooked me in from page one and get me excited to read again and again. Ready?


  30 Days To Minimal Blogging

Ana Degenaar helped me shape my vision of Spunkyrella as well as the path I want to find for myself creatively. Despite being an impeccable design wizard and dear friend, she always is an amazing source for advice as well. I am so happy she finally got to finish this book. As a blogger it’s a no brainer to read, but I also think non-bloggers can take a lot from it as well. 30 Days To Minimal Blogging really helps you focus on YOUR vision! It also helps you remove the distractions and opinions that surround you daily. So you have the room to create what’s important to you and to let your ideas shine. I am in the midst of reading it, and it already helped me a lot understanding the bigger picture of my many ideas and goals concerning my creative life. More here!


  My Creative (Side) Business

This past Friday, I went to an early morning speech by Monika Kanokova at Creative Mornings Vienna. Monika had her two books published thanks to successful Kickstarter campaigns. I backed her latest one and couldn’t wait to finally read it. More on the speech as well as her upcoming third book, next week. For now, I can only whole-heartedly recommend this read. Her insightful interviews with female creative freelancers around the world as well as her personal stories and tips make for a great resource, I find myself going back to over and over again. More here!


 Leave Your Mark

Aliza Licht‘s guide to land your dream job, kill it in your career and rock social media was the very first book of those empowering career guides, I read. I loved her blunt advice and examples of do’s and don’ts that she witnessed in her own career thus far. It’s a very modern step-by-step guide for the working girl who is passionate about her career and ready to take it in her own hands. Aliza, also known as the former DKNY PR Girl, is dedicated to her craft and has inspiring and motivating tips along the way. More here!


 You are a badass

I was a bit hesitant before I downloaded this one on my Kindle. Half way in and I ordered the paperback as well because I had to have a tangible copy of it and also got a second one for lil sis. Jen Sincero is the mastermind behind this book that really is so much more than a casual read. This is not solely dedicated to people working in the creative field but it’s a guide really everyone can benefit from. If you ever doubted yourself, this book is for you. When the usual self-help books don’t do it for you, this book is for you. If you are looking for a hilarious writer who has a bullshit-free mentality, this book is for you! More here!




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