3 Fall Scents That Make Me Swoon


3 Fall Scents That Make Me Swoon | Spunkyrella.com

One of my favorite things about fall is that I can finally slather on my favorite earthy scents again. I do have a perfect summer staple as well, but since fall is my favorite season, it’s just divine to dwell into the many variations of musk, vanilla, amber and woods, mixed on my skin.


3 Scents For Fall That Make Me Swoon | Spunkyrella.com

The Wearing His Shirt – One

Boyfriend was the very first perfume I purchased minutes after finding it online without getting to smell it first. The rich scent combines amber and woods as well as myrrh, night blooming jasmine and dark plum. At first I thought it might be too masculine for me but I love the feminine twist it has to it immediately after it touches my skin. My absolute fall and winter fave! A little goes a long way and the roll-on is still going strong for my third year in a row.


3 Fall Scents That Make Me Swoon | Spunkyrella.com

The All Day Everyday – One

The taste of anis was never one that grew on me. Therefore sniffing through the Jo Malone range, I didn’t even consider to give the Vanilla + Anise one a chance. That’s when the shop assistant recommended layering it with the Nectarine Blossom + Honey scent and boom, I was sold. These days though, I like to wear it all by itself or layered over other perfumes. Summed up, it´s just an outstanding warm basic scent for every day.


3 Fall Scents That Make Me Swoon | Spunkyrella.com

The Bold Sensual – One

How do you describe a scent you just fell head over heels with? I was interested in the Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfumes right from the start. Another online impulse buy, I never actually smelled before purchasing the two roll-ons. Well, I always thought Nirvana White would be more up my alley since its base notes are peony and musk which I absolutely adore, but no. I do like it, even though it’s a tad to floral for my taste but Nirvana Black? Wowza, scent nirvana indeed, I kid you not!


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is where it’s at for me this fall and winter. It’s a sensual, dark and edgy scent that comes along with strong accords of violet, sandalwood and vanilla. I would say it’s more feminine than Boyfriend but still very earthy. I find it quite bold to create a standout dark perfume like Nirvana Black without adding any sweetness or florals to it, which, sadly, so many other perfume creators do.

I love that it’s complex and one of those perfumes, people immediately ask you about, once they have a whiff. I am quite literally in perfume nirvana right now and wouldn’t change it for the world :)




What are your favorite fall scents or do you have an all-year fave?





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    1. Ha, wondering if it was the scent or because you just knew how much repurchasing would cost you :) I love Jo Malone but it´s rather pricey – still there´s a candle, I might treat myself to pretty soon!

    1. Thanks so much, Rae. My Ginkgo tree went into fall mode and I thought I´ll make the best of the yellow leaves while I have them on hand!

  1. I’m glad you like the Elizabeth + James!
    I’ve been wearing Live Colorfully often but it’s not such a fall scent – I’ll have to test the perfumes I have and see what I’ve got.

    1. I had one statement scent for so long (it was Noa from Cacharel) but been playing around with very different kinds of perfume the last couple of years and I love it. There´s definitely a scent for every mood and occasion. Right now I don´t want to pick a signature scent :)

    1. Diana, it´s funny because I meant to tell you about it! Actually I wore it all week since the smell of it makes me so happy and relaxes me. I am still in love with the Nirvana Black as well but I think it works better after-work and not so much at work :) xo