#28DaysOfBlogging | A Round-Up


#28DaysOfBlogging - A Round-up | Spunkyrella.com


There was a different post planned for today, but sometimes you drag and drop and it just doesn’t feel right, so why push it?! So, I am posting my #28DaysOfBlogging round-up one day early and I hope you don’t think that’s cheating! This month really flew by. When you blog every day and don’t really schedule a bunch of posts beforehand, it can get, well let’s say, interesting…


Naturally, I decided on switching hosting providers just before the challenge started and also had a ton to clean up on the back-end which added up the hours. Moreover, I lost three people close to me within six weeks. I had to handle severe changes at work and pre-arrange my bathroom renovation which will happen over the course of next week. I need to take a moment and really pat myself on the back here. It can be stressful to be go-go-go for several weeks in a row but at the same time, I feel proud to be able to handle it all quite eloquently.


#28DaysOfBlogging - A Round-up | Spunkyrella.com

The February Round-up

Let’s have a look at the posts this month, shall we? I told you about my My Step-By-Step Winter Skincare Routine and my current Dream Team For Glowy Skin. I shared 19 Things I Need To Tell You for my sister’s birthday and what you need to know about Thyroid Health. Most of all, I used my platform to talk about the importance of supporting one another and blew off a little steam on  Why Women Need To Empower Women. It was also possibly my favorite post to write and I loved the on-going discussion this subject sparked. My Live Feminism! link-up was also one of your faves as well as my tips on 5 Ways To Save A Sh*tty Day. Last but not least, the In The Company of Women giveaway made two of you very happy and we got to support Monika Kanokova on Kickstarter for Work Trips + Road Trips, the guide for creative freelancers. By the way, you still have two days to support the book! We’re so close! More here.


An honorary mention has to go to my Mixtape 21 – Where My Girls At this month. Such a fun walk down memory lane, don’t you agree?!


Find the 30 bloggers who took part in the challenge on Nia’s site But first, create!


What now?

For the next two days, I am going to hit the pause button, before we’re talking March Goals and dive into a new month! The challenge definitely helped me to keep up the momentum, but I don’t plan on continuing blogging every day. I aim for a few posts per week and I think that’s quite manageable with everything that’s going on right now. Feel free, to jump down the archives and re-read everything from #28DaysOfBlogging 



What was your favorite post this month?


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